Dvorak Law Group would like to announce a new collaboration with Shred Vault, a leading provider of secure document shredding technology. With an investment in a Shred Vault kiosk in the firm’s lobby, Dvorak Law Group can provide clients with a secure and convenient solution for document destruction.

“We are thrilled to provide this value-added service to our attorneys and clients in collaboration with Shred Vault,” said Dave Mayer, Executive Vice President at Dvorak Law Group. “The security of our clients’ information is a top priority, and we believe that Shred Vault provides a reliable and efficient way to destroy sensitive documents.”

The Shred Vault System has mastered the process of efficient and secure shredding. Shred Vault makes the process simple, secure, and trackable. Dvorak Law Group clients who receive a Shred Vault Bag can put up to 10 pounds of personal documents in the bag, then deposit the bag in the kiosk. Through the mobile app, clients track the bag until a certificate of destruction is received.

“Dvorak Law Group is taking client privacy and document security to the next level through their investment in the Shred Vault kiosk,” said Brian Gubbels, CEO of Shred Vault. “We believe that our technology is the best solution to keep individuals safe from fraud and identity theft, and we look forward to helping Dvorak Law Group’s clients keep their confidential information safe.”

Dvorak Law Group’s clients who have not received a Shred Vault Bag can request one by contacting Chris Hughes at chughes@ddlawgroup.com.

About Shred Vault

Shred Vault and its parent company, DataShield, provides full-service information destruction to communities throughout the Midwest.  With a fleet of commercial equipment combined with its proprietary public kiosks, the Company offers high security shredding to businesses, homes, and work-from-home employees.  Headquartered in Nebraska, Shred Vault is one of the largest privately owned document shredding companies in the US. To learn more about Shred Vault visit  www.shredvault.com