Industries Served


Dvorak Law Group’s attorneys have the experience and construction industry background needed to help our clients expand and protect their business in a complex and rapidly-changing regulatory environment. With our breadth of experience, we are able to provide general contractors, subcontractors, network programs, adjusters, sales representatives and other contractors, tradesmen and suppliers in the industry with practical, cost-effective strategies to accomplish their business objectives. We work proactively by assisting with compliance and the latest regulatory developments, drafting robust contracts tailored to specific projects and our client’s objectives, consulting on comprehensive business planning and development strategies, protecting against and resolving a wide manner of disputes, and staying apprised of current industry trends. We collaborate with various Practice Areas across our firm to bring together the necessary experience and knowledge to best serve our construction industry clients.

Our attorneys can assist with:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Contract drafting
  • Contractual disputes
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Employment matters
  • Licensing
  • Industry disputes
  • Insurance matters
  • OSHA proceedings
  • Buy-sell planning

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