Dvorak Law Group Attorney Mark Quandahl, Telcoin Vice President of Banking Operations Rick Schendel, and Alpha BTC President Edward Weniger will present “Current Landscape of Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency” at the Midwest International Trade Association’s March meeting on Thursday, March 24. Learn more here.

Mark helped write and introduce The Nebraska Financial Innovation Act, a bill that was introduced by Senator Mike Flood in January 2021 and was co-sponsored by Telcoin, a global money transfer provider of digital assets and instant transfers using blockchain and mobile money infrastructure. The Nebraska Financial Innovation Act expands Nebraska’s role in cryptocurrency in two key areas: (1) by creating a charter for digital asset depository institutions; and (2) permitting state-chartered banks to operate digital asset divisions. This expansion gives consumers and institutions places to custody their cryptocurrency. The bill establishes Nebraska as the leader in authorizing banks to hold cryptocurrencies. Read more in the Legalink article, here.